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What makes us different

Back office

  • Multilingual and translation tool

    Zakeke detects the store language and adapts automatically. You also have a translator tool to help us improving translations in your language

  • Multicurrency

    Over 50 currencies supported

  • Product variations

    Zakeke automatically read and imports product variations from your store to let your customers manage them even during personalization

  • Bulk import

    Easily import products and variations in bulk from your store by using a CSV file

  • Multiple sides and print areas

    Have different customizable sides of the same product and as many print areas as you wish

  • PNG mask

    Define a customization area through a transparent PNG

  • Printing methods

    Set as many print methods as you want and define related output format and quality (DPI)

  • Print-ready outputs

    Zakeke provides you with print-ready files directly in your store back-office. Zakeke supports PDF, PNG, SVG and AutoCad DXF formats

  • Colors system

    Give your customers freedom to pick any color from a color picker. You can also set a pre-defined list of colors for each product

  • Fonts

    Import your own fonts and limit them by printing method or single product

  • Cliparts and image galleries

    Make available to your customers galleries of images and cliparts and organize them per category and sub-category

  • Calculate pricing

    You can set a different customization price for each product. Thanks to the advanced pricing system, you'll be able to set complex pricing rules where prices change based on quantity, setup costs, number of colors, and personalization areas

  • Pre-made designs

    Create designs with editable texts and images to let your customers start from a pre-made design. Freely define a set of customization rules and restrictions for each design

  • Name & Number

    Have pre-designed teamwear where your customers can change names and numbers to build custom sport uniforms

  • Duplicate product configuration

    Save time with the "save and replicate configuration" option to apply the whole set of customization rules of a product, including printing method, images, print sides, customization areas, 3D preview and prices, to another product

  • Theme editor

    Easily match Zakeke to your store - no need to fiddle with CSS and liquid files

  • Helpdesk

    Access helpdesk from inside the Admin panel with a simple click. Video tutorials, help guides and FAQ in your backoffice

  • Orders management

    Full list of orders and related print-ready files zip for each order

  • Reporting

    Dashboard with facts and figures on users engagement with Zakeke on your website, including information on abandoned carts and interactions

  • Automatic updates

    Evolves automatically courtesy of Zakeke. Have improvements, new features and fix notices in your backoffice

  • Printful integration

    Printful is a print-on-demand drop-shipping service. You can import products from their catalog and have them personalized by your customers at your website through Zakeke. Products will be produced and shipped to your customers by Printful.

  • Dropbox and Google Drive integration

    Print-ready files can be automatically synced with your own Dropbox and Google Drive account

User interface

  • Add text

    Zakeke allows your customers to add text, change color and font, move, resize, rotate, delete, change style, and make it curved

  • Upload images

    Users are given the freedom to upload images from their computers, Facebook or Instagram. They will find them there even when they'll be back later

  • Add Cliparts

    Your customers will be able to choose and add cliparts from the galleries and move, resize, rotate, delete and change colors

  • 3D preview

    Zakeke is the only customizer to offer a preview of the customized item in realtime 3D

  • Image editing tools

    Zakeke includes over 50 image filters and editing tools to let your customers modify the images they upload to personalize your items

  • Social networks integration

    Users can share their designs to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus

  • Pre-made designs gallery

    Allow your customers to choose among as many pre-made designs as you want

  • Product variations change

    Allow your customers to choose and change product variations even from inside the customizer

  • Warning message for low quality image

    If clients upload too low quality images, Zakeke will show a warning message to them suggesting to resize the image or upload a higher quality image

  • Live pricing

    Your customers will see a live updated item price while they customize the product

  • Reset button

    Easily undo all and start designing from blank again

  • Save for later

    Your customers can save their designs in their personal designs gallery

  • Customized item in the cart

    While in the cart, your customers will see a thumbnail of the customized item