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How do you calculate the transaction fee? add_circle
The transaction fee is applied on the total price of the product only if the product is actually sold. No fees are charged for non-finalized purchases, abandoned carts or any other operation on your e-store.
Do you apply minimum and maximum fee values? add_circle
Yes, a minimum of 0.15€ and a maximum of 15.00€ will be applied in all cases where the fee value is lower than 0.15€ or higher than 15.00€, no matter the real fee value.
Example 1: if the price of a customized ring is 2,500€, fee will be 15€ instead of 75€ (3%).
Example 2: in the case of customized magnet that costs 2€, the fee due to Zakeke will be 0.15€ instead of 0,06€ (3%).
Is the transaction fee calculated on the product price in local currency? add_circle
The transaction fee is calculated on the price paid by the customer in the currency in which the transaction was actually made.
When and how do you invoice me? add_circle
We automatically invoice your fee each month. The invoice is issued in the currency in which your e-store is set up.