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User guide

Manage sides


Manage sides

Into Sides you can find all the sides you set during the addition of sides of product during configuration.

Sides section

You can naturally manage them here, adding new sides or deleting those already set.

The addition of a new side happens when you click on Add side at the top right of section.

Add side button

Into the pop window, insert the name of side and then click on Save.

Adding side pop window

The elimination of an existing side happens when you click on bin at the bottom right side of each side on the list.

Delete side button

You'll be asked to confirm the elimination on the pop window.

Elimination side window

After confirmation, the system will notify the correctness of elimination.

Elimination side outcome

The elimination of a side from the list is an irreversible process and it can't be undone. Besides, if the selected side is already in use for at least one product, the elimination is forbidden.