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User guide

Manage printing methods

Printing methods

Manage printing methods

The Printing methods section has all printing methods which you set during the addition of printing methods for a product into configuration phase.

Printing methods section

You can naturally manage them here, adding new printing methods or deleting those already set.

The addition of a new method happens when you click on Add printing button at the top right of the section.

Add printing button

Into the window that appears insert the name of new printing method and the type of output to create, then click on Add.

Finestra di aggiunta tecnica di stampa

You'll be notified on saving completion of the printing method with a pop window.

Completion printing method

If you click on the pencil icon, you will be able to edit a previously created printing method.

Also, if you have activated the "CMYK" add-on, here you could upload your own CMYK .icc color profile. This profile will be used to convert the output PDF files so they are print ready. Please note that you can't upload RGB or sRGB color profiles, but only CMYK, and that converted PDF colors couldn't be 100% accurate because of the conversion algorithm complexity.

The elimination of a printing method happens when you click on bin present at the bottom right side of each method on the list.

Elimination method button

You'll be asked to confirm the elimination on the pop window.

Elimination method window

After confirmation, the system will notify the correctness of elimination.

Elimination method outcome

The elimination of a printing method from the list is an irreversible process and it can't be undone. Besides, if the selected method is already in use for at least one product, the elimination is forbidden.