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User guide

Three steps away from Zakeke

First access

Three steps away from Zakeke

After the initial step, when you login to Zakeke for the first time you can see a roadmap of three steps to be done in order to start using Zakeke and to connect it with your e-commerce. BackOffice of a new user


  1. Integrate and enable Zakeke on your e-commerce;
  2. Choose your plan and insert billing information;
  3. Configure your first product.

Integrate and enable Zakeke on your e-commerce

The first step to complete treats the integration and the enabling of Zakeke with your e-commerce platform. View of e-commerce choice Choosing one of the e-commerce platforms which appears on the screen you'll be redirected to the related guide of the section Integration of this documentation. Follow the steps suggested before passing to next phase.

Choose your plan and insert billing information

The second step requires the choice of paid plan for Zakeke. Here there's something you should know about our plans:

After you choose one of the plans, you'll have to insert your payment information; billing costs for Zakeke will be charged on a monthly basis on your credit card. View of credit card settings

Configure your first product

The configuration of your first product let you practise with available tools during the products placement on your personal catalog. We've dedicated a section in order to guide you, step by step, into the realization of your own catalog!