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Quick Start Guide

Load and manage fonts


Fonts introduction

When using Zakeke, your final customer has a wide choice of fonts available for your text. If these are not enough or you need to use your own fonts collection, you can load new ones into classic TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) formats.

Loading one or more fonts

To load new fonts in addition to Zakeke's predefined, go to the "Fonts" page on the side menu.
On this page we can check which fonts we have (all, default or uploaded by us) and check the upload status.

Display of installed fonts

Click on ADD NEW FONTS in the upper right and a dialog will open where you can press SELECT FONTS or drag the files directly into the browser window. You can select one or more .TTF, .OTF files, or a ZIP package containing the fonts.
After selecting the fonts, click on the UPLOAD FONT button to load.

Displaying installed fonts

Check the font installation status

Unlike other Zakeke elements, fonts need a few minutes before being available to the user and customizations.
After uploading the files, you will be taken to the "Fonts" page in the "in processing" section. On this page we can check the fonts installation status.
Loading fonts can have the following states:

WARNING: When a font load is in the Completed state, it may take a few seconds for the font to be fully usable.

fonts in processing

Assign one or more font to the print type

After installing fonts, they will be already available for all printing types and all products. If you need to filter the available fonts for a printing type, proceed as follows:

Assegnazione font alla tipologia di stampa

Assign one or more fonts to a product

Sometimes it can be usefull to assign different fonts only for a product by overriding the print type fonts. To make this operation, proceed as follows:

Assegnazione font al prodotto