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Discover how to use Zakeke with Magento 1

Magento 1


This Zakeke extension allows your customers to customize products in both 2D and 3D. This is the guide for Magento 1 integration. If you want to read the guide for Magento 2 extension, please refer to Magento 2 Guide.

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Installation of the Zakeke module

The following instructions are about the Magento integration with Zakeke:

  1. Download the Zakeke extension for Magento 1 from the Magento Marketplace page.
  2. After successful checkout, click Install on the order success page.
  3. Copy the Zakeke extension access key from your acount Access Keys page in Magento Marketplace. (Home > Customer Account > My Access Keys)
  4. Go back into your Magento Store as Admin and navigate on System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. You'll be in the Extensions tab.
  5. Paste the Key URL you copied in Step 3.
  6. Click on Install. If you reload the extensions page, in most cases, you'll see the Zakeke module appears at the bottom of the list.
  7. Click on Return to Admin at the top of page.
  8. Magento Connect Manager

Module configuration and integration of Zakeke

  1. In the Admin page, navigate to System. In the drop-down menu select Configuration and in the left navigation select Zakeke Interactive Product Designer, then General Settings (Note: if you don't see Zakeke Product Customization, delete your Magento cache files, which are located in /magento/var/cache. Delete all folders within the cache folder and reload the page).
  2. Setup Zakeke as follows:
    • Zakeke username: your Zakeke username. If you haven't created an account yet, please create one;
    • Zakeke password: your Zakeke password.
  3. Magento Setup

  4. Finish by clicking on Save Config.
  5. Navigate to the Users permission page by going to System > Permissions > Users.
  6. Menu to get to the Users permission Page

  7. Select your user account.
  8. Click on REST role and check Zakeke radio button.
  9. Set the Zakeke REST role

  10. Save your user settings.
  11. Navigate to REST - Attributes page by going to System > Web Services > REST - Attributes.
  12. Menu to get to the Magento REST OAuth Attributes Page

  13. Click on Admin from User Type. In the Resource Access drop-down menu select All.
  14. Set the REST attributes

  15. Click on Save.
  16. Navigate to REST - OAuth Consumers page by going to System > Web Services > REST - OAuth Consumers.
  17. Menu to get to the Magento REST OAuth Consumers Page

  18. Locate the line with Zakeke and click on it.
  19. Take note of Key and Secret values.
  20. Menu to get to the Magento Ingegrations Page

  21. Access to your Zakeke account and navigate to: ADVANCED > E-Commerce.
  22. Select Magento 1.9.x .
  23. Setup the E-Commerce as below:
    • API Key: insert the OAuth consumer Key noted in step 7;
    • API Secret: insert the OAuth consumer Secret noted in step 7;
    • Store URL: insert your Magento Store Base URL (Note: make sure that at the end of URL there's / slash);
    • Administration path: insert your Magento Store administration path. (Note: make sure to only use the path like for example admin_123, not the full URL)
  24. Click on Save.
  25. You'll be redirected to your Magento Store OAuth dialog. Click on Authorize in order to enable all functionalities of Zakeke and to finish the process of plugin installation.
  26. Authorize Zakeke

At this point, you won't have any problems with Zakeke plugin on your store! If you have some troubles or problems, see FAQs.