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API Reference

Orders API

The Orders API allows you to place new orders in order to get correspondents design files for every customized product.

Url Endpoint



The API allows you to confirm you orders with customized products into Zakeke system. If request has successful, the order being registered and move into confirmed status. If the order encounters a problem after it has been submitted, it cannot be registed so that the problem can be fixed and the order can be resubmitted.


Order endpoint must be called in S2S (server to server) mode with customercode and/or usercode.
For further information see how to get a S2S token with user and/or customer code.

Input parameter

Order to be placed. It must be send into request body in JSON format with this structure:

  "orderCode": "string",
  "orderDate": "2017-10-24T10:29:48.132Z",
  "sessionID": "string",
  "total": 0,
  "details": [
      "orderDetailCode": "string",
      "designID": "string",
      "modelUnitPrice": 0,
      "designUnitPrice": 0,
      "quantity": 0
      "orderDetailCode": "string",
      "designID": "string",
      "modelUnitPrice": 0,
      "designUnitPrice": 0,
      "quantity": 0

Order properties

Property Data type Description Mandatory
orderCode string Your Merchant order ID yes
orderDate date-time (ISO 8601 format) Order date yes
sessionID string Customer (the ordering customer) browser session ID on your Merchant web site yes
total money Order total amount yes
details List <OrderDetail> Order detail list with customized products (so only order details with product customized by Zakeke, not the others) yes

Order Detail properties

Property Data type Description Mandatory
orderDetailCode string Your Merchant order detail ID no
designID string Zakeke design ID generated for customized product yes
modelUnitPrice money Unit product price without design yes
designUnitPrice money Design unit price for customization yes
Quantity integer Quantity ordered yes


An HTTP response code as described below:

Code Description
200 The order has been placed successfully
400 Visitor and customer code were not sent into authentication OAuth Token
500 Unable to place the order

API reference

For API technical reference go to