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User guide

User profile on Zakeke

User profile

User profile on Zakeke

The user profile has all information associated with your account on Zakeke. In order to access to your profile section and to see or change data, click on User profile into sidebar.

User profile access

The window that opens lets you see your user information like name, email and username and allows you to upload a profile image of your brand / logo. The images must be saved in PNG, GIF (not animated), BMP and JPEG files with a maximum size of 5 MB.

Uploading profile image

From here it's also possible to set the timezone used by Zakeke to show you all times and dates according to the schedule more suited to you. When you register to Zakeke the system automatically recognise your most suited timezone, but you're always free to change it into this section.

Managing timezone

Besides, you can change your access password to Zakeke by confirming your current password and by inserting twice your new one.

Managing new password

By clicking on the following icon - credit card - you can access to your subscription and billings information. For this section, see the specific guide.

Access to subscription details

If you want to quit from Zakeke, you can logout by pressing on the Logout button into the sidebar.