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User guide

3D Preview


Zakeke allows you to show your users a three-dimensional preview of your product. They will be able to enlarge and rotate the model at any angle.
Before you start, here are some important things you should know about 3D previews:

In this guide we will use as an example a t-shirt with ' front' and ' back'.

Loading a 3D model

Let's start again from the 3D PREVIEW step of a product configuration. In this screen you will select the various components of the 3D model:


Click on UPLOAD 3D MODEL to upload the file.
You will see a screen with a 3D model viewer on the left and a list of sides on the right.

Connecting 3D materials to 2D sides

In this screen, we will link the 3D model areas with the 2D product sides, for example we will connect mat_front with the 'Front' area and mat_back with the 'Back' area.

  1. Click and drag the mouse in the 3D viewer to rotate the model
  2. Click on the material that you're interested in, for example 'lambert2SG' (it will change color by passing the mouse over it)
  3. Select 'Fronte' side from drop down related to material 'lambert2SG'
  4. Repeat the procedure for the 'back' side or any other remaining side. Once finished click on STEP 2

Recoloring the 3D model according to the variants

In this screen we need to recolor the 3D model according to the 2D variants. For example, if our t-shirt has 3 colours (blue, red and white) we have to change colour and/or texture to the various materials to reproduce these variations.


Adjusting textures to sides

After recoloring the model and indicating which sides are linked to the various materials, it is necessary to reposition the sides on the material.

This is due to the fact that the 2D image of the side does not always match with the texture used by the 3D model and it can produce a distortion or an incorrect location of user customization on the preview.

The next image shows how a user customization can be right or wrong in the preview depending on the adjustment.


To adjust the side to the texture:


This is the required final result:


Click NEXT and save the product

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