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API Reference

Zakeke API introduction

The Zakeke API is a RESTful API, that uses a HTTP protocol for communication. HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods are used to access the API.

How to start

To begin using Zakeke API, follow these steps:

• Go to Advanced → E-commerce
• Select the API tab and selecting your store currency and setting your store URL
• Click the “Save” button
• Go to Advanced → API Keys
• Get your unique API Key

API key

The API key is a set of your OAuth credentials: Client ID and Secret key. It's assigned to each store for accessing. You can enable the API and generate an API key for your store in the back office api keys page.

Keep the API key in secret, and never expose it in any public website's client-side code.

Request endpoint

All API requests have to be sent to this URL:

Request parameters

Some mandatory parameters (like object identifiers) must be included in the request URL path:

POST /order/123

Additional parameters can be passed as GET variables:

GET /designs/123?quantity=10

For POST and PUT requests, a more complex data structure can be passed as JSON encoded data in the request body:

POST /order
        "orderCode": "00001",
        "orderDate": "2017-10-20T08:57:56.161Z",
        "sessionID": "SESSID_000001",
        "total": 0,
        "details": [
            "orderDetailCode": "00001-1",
            "designID": "DES01",
            "modelUnitPrice": 10,
            "designUnitPrice": 20,
            "quantity": 10

Response body

The response body is always a JSON object that contains the result of the action. If the status code is 200, then the action was successful.

Error response

If the API call is not successful, then the response code is not in the 2xx range. Possible error code are:

Error code Description
400 Unable to make request to the endpoint (e.g. can not place an order cause visitor code and user code are not passed)
404 Item not found (e.g. design not found)
415 Unsupported media type

In general, response codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that resulted from the provided information (e.g. a required parameter was missing, etc.), and codes in the 5xx range indicate an error with Zakeke servers.

Date format

All date from and sent to the API are ISO 8601 formatted.

Amounts format

All amounts are expressed in the currency set in the back office during registration.